Marco Polo Srl has been distributing Lam Lee exclusively in Italy and Russia for ten years.

The company Lam Lee was born about 50 years ago, it is an exceptional structure that counts a workforce over 3000 people, with 300 designers dedicated to producing extraordinary collections of furniture, seating, lighting, wall arts and accessories, divided in to five lines. These productions have rightly earned Mr Lam Lee patron of the Company the “14th Art Award for Achievement” in January 2003, the highest recognition to his artistic creativity, won only once in a lifetime.

Hundreds of items available with the use of 102 different and exclusive finishing’s, items made using antique and sometimes secret techniques revised to modernity. This is possible thanks also to the countless lacquer, resins and other decorative materials produced with formulas exclusive to Lam Lee inside the Company, fruit of tens of years of research which makes the patinas and finishes practically uncopy-able.

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