Online showroom And purchasing system

Prices are available after the free subscription to our website.
Many item can be seen on our “online showroom” and if you are interested in further information or in purchasing one of the items you can fill in the purchasing request in every item page, it’s a non binding request, which when our office will receive it we will give all the information and do a first contact selling to set up for the transaction.
Prices of the items are list prices which means that you can gain discounts, for example depending on the quantity of the items you order.
Once selling discussions are over we can accord on spedition terms and conditions depnding on what you need.

Customs Proceedures for export 

Shipping on a global level is no problem because all our items are certified for the customs procedure of export to all countries worldwide.
Where necessary for the more precious items we obtain the certification for the exportation necessary for customs clearance.


On our antique products where necessary and where requested we restore Furniture, Paintings, ceramics and any other items that may require such action.
Whenever we receive a request for an antique item this will be controlled for any defects, these will be immediately communicated to the inquirer in the aim of clarity 


We offer consulting services for architectural and interior design projects with custom made and custom restyling and adaptions in Autocad and rendering.
Our innovative ideas and high level results make the use of our consultation  outstanding.


The Interior Design reaches its highest values with our consultations aimed at the research for high quality complements , thanks to numerous completed projects brought forward with collaborators, architects and designers we have enormous experience in interior decorations with amazing results.


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